Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Jessica is quite forthright with her opinions and easily able to read other people. She picks up on their relationship dynamics, often noticing subtle hints between people that suggest they are in a romantic relationship or not “into” each other. She has a warm and giving approach which enables people to trust her, and can usually charm her way out of unpleasant situations. She easily befriends others, and cares about their welfare, but adapts her approach to whomever she is talking to (understanding that she needs a different, stronger approach with suspects). To other people, Jessica seems to come up with the solution out of nowhere. She does not elaborate on her hunches, but chooses to test them out, set a trap for the murderer, and confront him—like Poirot, but not from a place of arrogance, just knowledge of their guilt. It often leaves the police and private detectives who work with her baffled, since she drew a clue off a lost button or a tube of lipstick. Jessica can be somewhat reckless, in how she places herself into dangerous situations—after the first few times, she has someone waiting in the wings, listening and ready to arrest the murderer, but on several early occasions, she doesn’t even think about it and simply confronts them. She also exercises her Se in a love of new places, foods, and people, and in the enjoyment of the great outdoors in Cabot Cove. She notices small details wherever she goes, especially when investigating crime scenes. She often does her thinking inside her head, not sharing her ideas with very many people until she has reached a conclusion and chosen to act on it. Sometimes, Jessica is not good at analyzing the danger in a situation, since she’s so eager to solve the crime.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Jessica is nothing if not helpful. She has no reason to assist on many cases other than out of a desire to help her friends clear their name, help a random stranger find out who is stalking them, or help someone escape dire circumstances. (And, she’s also curious.) Whether it’s offering to help someone get a stain out of their dress at a party, or going into an empty house to investigate a murder, Jessica is up for it. Her 1 wing is determined to be honest, and conduct herself appropriately. She doesn’t care for bullying or intrusive behavior, and will call others out on it.