Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Frank is the more studious, responsible, and detail-driven brother, to the extent that when someone scoffs about his asking questions, he patiently reminds them that “every detail is important.” He meticulously gathers clues to help him figure out what happened to his mother, and is careful and somewhat slow in how he pieces the puzzle together. Frank is not too keen on his entire life changing in his move to another city; he just wants to keep things how they are, and keep on playing baseball. He often relates things back to conversations he had with his mother. Big reveals about his mom, his grandmother, and the artifact take him by surprise, and he is also more cautious and concerned with external threats than his brother. He often wants to return to the scene of a crime to see if he can pick up anything else. He wants to collect the known facts and make decisions from there. He focuses on gathering clues, interviewing people, and investigating things in a hands-on way; he and Callie figure out the riddle and how it pertains to music rather than time, which also allows them to find the secret door into his grandfather’s stash of records. Frank likes to comb through information in the library for relevance, and leaves the creative thinking to his brother’s natural hacking skills. He is private and circumspect in his feelings; his aunt complains that she never knows what he is thinking at any given time. He doesn’t talk about his mother’s death much, or want to mourn with his brother. Frank has a more idealistic notion than Joe about what to do with the artifact, which shows his low Ne; he argues that just because people have used it for bad in the past that doesn’t mean they could not use it for good in the future.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Frank is careful and doesn’t want to take risks. He either trusts people not at all (often warning his brother not to trust someone or get involved in something or not to give away information) or too much (assuming the girl he likes is telling the truth and ignoring Callie’s warnings to the alternative until it’s too late). Frank is studious and down to earth, focused on keeping his brother safe, and does not like to take risks. He worries about his dad not turning up on time, or calling them to tell them when he will be coming home. He can be quiet, something of a hermit, and trusting of the information he turns up. But he is not very connected to his feelings.