Joe is adventurous and opportunistic, often rushing in to check out clues or getting hands-on involved in trailing suspects. He leaps at the chance to deliver a message in town, then hides behind a tree to see who picks it up. When he break a statue by accident and pulls out what it contains, he realizes quickly that it has given him “powers” and uses it to win every prize at the carnival that night. Joe figures out how to break into the mining tunnels, and gets into trouble in the warehouse after setting up a ‘bust’ to find out who has come to get a package. While more outgoing and reckless than his brother, Joe also becomes fixated on a single outcome he wants to make happen – the destruction of the artifact that seems to be manipulating ‘fate’ in town. He becomes obstinate on this point and refuses to compromise. It also takes him a while to piece things together and figure out who to trust. He is a natural ‘fixer’ who can fiddle with an old radio and make it work, create a mock artifact so they don’t have to hand over the real thing, and knows how to pick locks and put his deductive reasoning skills to the test. Joe is confident that he can figure out things as he goes, and often does. He is generally independent and not all that considerate of his aunt’s feelings, running around without telling her where he is going or when he’s coming home. Joe is often upfront with his feelings about his mom’s death and wants to talk about it more than Frank, who tends to introvert more and avoid bringing things up.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Joe is confident and funny, always looking for a way to turn a bad situation into a joke. He often uses humor to break up intense moments. He is outgoing and doesn’t like to dwell on the negative, be held back from doing whatever he wants to do, and somewhat shrinks from being responsible. Joe can be somewhat arrogant in his own assumption of how smart he is, but also (often after the fact) worried about being safe, protecting his friends, keeping his brother out of trouble, and not wanting to take too many risks. He can talk his way out of just about anything, but also is a little too naïve and trusting of people.