Andrew devotes his entire life to making other people happy and bringing them a sense of togetherness through their shared project—to deliver Christmas boxes to the needy islands surrounding the military base. Stuck with Erica, a girl who at first displays no “Christmas cheer,” he asks his commanding officer why he has to ferry her around the island, and is told “because you are so good with people.” It doesn’t take long to wear down her defenses and get her into the communal spirit. Andrew easily gets people to trust and like him, he can take a joke even if it’s a little biting, and he urges her repeatedly to sort of get with the program and get into the Spirit of Christmas, which she does. Though practical and down to earth, Andrew channels his creativity into making a bigger, better Christmas festival each year to fundraise for charitable contributions. He doesn’t always think outside the box, such as getting stuck on the fact that they need generators to drop, but the only man on the island who can afford them has no interest in donating any to the cause. He handles the Christmas drop year-around, patiently taking in donations, sorting them, and making up lists of who needs what. He can prioritize them according to need. He wants to bring hope and joy to people’s lives, and expand their understanding of the world. He has a witty sense of humor and a playful joy that others find infectious. He has good reasons for everything he does, and can tell her where the money goes, but doesn’t have any interest in her “number crunching.”

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Andrew spends all of his time thinking about others and their needs and tending to them, giving away everything he has, and encouraging others to do the same. He champions good charitable causes and devotes most of his free time to ensuring they give the families on the island a happy holiday season. He is good-natured, compassionate, emotional, and kind. Others say of him that he is generous and one of “the finest men” they have ever met, because he is “principled.” He is hard-working and strives to be appropriate. Though he engages in a bit of subterfuge in trying to keep Erica away from things that her boss might not like, Andrew is also willing to admit to his shenanigans.