Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Erica is hard-working and meticulous in her job. She wants to collect all the details when she’s sent to the military base, in order to assess their importance and evaluate whether they need to remain open or not. She does this through demanding to visit everywhere important, and get all their paperwork to sift through in her free time. She is mostly concerned with the “details you are trying to hide from me.” She is a “numbers cruncher.” A hard worker who can be trusted to make tough calls, which is why her boss sends her there to decide if the military base should be kept open or not. Erica at first doesn’t see the point in the Christmas drop, since she thinks it eats up the base’s financials. When she finds out it’s all donations, she changes her mind. But she also recognizes that her job depends on her evaluation, so she feels torn between the facts (it costs nothing) and pleasing her boss. When she gets emotionally involved in helping them provide more resources for the islanders, Erica uses logic and negotiation to get them generators – she goes to the man who can afford to donate them, talks to him about renewable energy, and gets him excited about a new business proposal, rather than use an emotional appeal. Erica has a strong sense of individuality and sometimes prioritizes her feelings over other people’s – she has avoided seeing her father over the holidays since her mother died, because she cannot face it. But she also has a can-do attitude that refuses defeat, and insists on making the Christmas drop even if it storms. Much of her resistance to Christmas is tied up in how different it feels now, than it did when her mother was alive; Erica has resisted opening up to new experiences, meeting and getting to know her new stepmother, and even having family Christmas at home, because it feels wrong. She desperately needs the change of pace a Christmas in the tropics provides her, because it broadens her worldview, allows her to see that Christmas can be different, new, and exciting, and full of charitable work.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Erica is here to “do a job,” and intends to do it, whether people like her or not. She shows up on the beach in high heels and a suit dress, and it takes her awhile to “let her hair down” and relax. At first, she is defensive and argumentative, pointing out all the ways the military is attempting to block her from finding out what she came there to learn. Then she lightens up, becomes more emotionally approachable, and grows into her 2 wing when she sees the neediness of the locals. As Andrew says, she opens up her purse and gives them everything in it, from her hairbrush to the bag itself. The act of “giving” makes her feel so happy, she wants to know what else she can do to help! She even convinces her boss to go along on the drop, for her own good, so she too can share in the Christmas spirit.