Journey is a highly idealistic, creative thinker, who ‘sees things that no one else sees,’ and feels like a misfit because of it. She easily sees the potential in her grandfather’s robot invention, and quickly ascertains that it requires ‘belief’ for it to come to life. When someone inquires about it, she senses impending trouble and writes her grandfather’s name on the plans in invisible ink, just in case. She is initially disappointed to come to her grandfather’s shop, and discover it is not the wondrous, magical place she anticipated, but a dusty old pawn shop. But that doesn’t stop her from expecting that they can make the most out of it, and bring it back to life. In her later years, Journey shows an appreciation for her origins story, and that of her grandfather, enough to share it with other people in the pages of a story book. She waited for the night moment, when she knew they were ‘ready’ to hear it. Independent of her mother’s feelings about her grandfather, or what he might say when she turns on his doorstep uninvited, Journey takes an avid interest in him and decides to get to know him. She won’t take “no” for an answer, and continues to champion him and believe in him, regardless of his self-doubts. She is warm, enthusiastic, and easily makes friends with the boy who works as his apprentice in the pawn shop. Journey sees her grandfather’s potential where he cannot, and constantly urges him toward that end. She likes to tinker with inventions and is easily able to understand complicated mathematical equations, but also relies on him for logical analysis under stress (she trusts him to get them out of a mess, when he needs to calculate their odds of escaping the tunnel without being killed; and she asks him to fix Bobby the Robot and put him back together, after he is disassembled, rather than try to do it herself). She sets out to ‘prove’ that Bobby is her grandfather’s invention, thus saving the day when the villain tries to have him arrested.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

To Journey, everything has the potential to be magical, amazing, and bigger than life. She doesn’t want to settle for a normal or boring life, but pursues her idealistic notion of how life should be with gusto. She has a vivid imagination and boundless certainty that everything is going to turn out all right, even when the situation looks the most hopeless. She sets off to meet her grandfather and stay with him, without knowing if he will even want her to be there, and doesn’t sweat the details… but she also is somewhat cautious and suspicious. She doesn’t trust the man who tries to get her to talk about her grandfather’s latest invention enough to take precautions against him; she’s afraid of the robot when it first comes to life, and seeks shelter underneath the nearest table. And she requires help to get her out of a fire-inflamed tunnel. She is warm, personable, and friendly, with a love of her family.