Brigitte has her own system of thinking, which seems quite foreign to anyone who meets her – she says even death is not death, if you look at it “a different way.” She is largely influential in impacting Simon’s thinking, while never changing her own concepts of reality and rationality. Her first question upon being hired is to ask, “What are the rules? Can only Howard see us, or can other people see us too?” She comes up with a rational fix (“We can be seen when we want to be seen”). Brigitte waves aside Amy’s “emotionality” dismissively, yet her focus when she learns the truth of Simon is on his family and the emotional impact his death will have on them. She has a direct approach that never waffles; she likes to confront and engage with Howard in person, up close, and doesn’t shy away from following him, nor urging him toward greater self-enlightenment. Brigitte reminds him of the presence of time, and tries to shift his thinking when it comes to Death. She employs what Howard considers a banal metaphor (not deep enough for his taste) to describe why Death is not terrible, and the limited focus of human understanding of the afterlife. She is quite convinced of, and insistent on, the fact that Howard “believed me, he did.” Her inferior Fe shows in her gentle ways but total lack of emotion, herself, and yet how she seeks and thrives on external affirmation (“Was I good? Great?” “I have spent my entire life looking for admiration and affirmation, and found it in an audience of one!”).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Bridgette is extremely social and competitive, she loves to hear praise and receive accolades on her performance as “Death.” She even asserts that she could play all the different abstract concepts if necessary, since she knows about all of them. As a social 3, she’s the natural group leader, she makes most of the decisions, and she cares most about looking good and doing a top job in her performance… but it is her 2 side that connects deeply to hidden truths, that points out the flaws in Simon’s thinking, and that lends a sense of emotional intensity and richness. Once she finishes her job, she reflects and shifts into a much more introspective figure. She focuses on her presentation, she can be dramatic and seeking a strong personal image.