Raffi’s intellectualizations about the essence of Time, and why Howard’s anger and accusations toward it are unjustified, is because “Time is a gift, and you are wasting it.” Get out there, live your life, have experiences! He enjoys engaging with reality, immersing in it – Raffi confesses to Claire that he has befriended many different people, and they have “parented” him for a short period, and left “their mark on my life.” He’s extremely physical (he gets up and close with Howard’s business, and hitches a ride on a skateboard by grabbing the back of Howard’s bike) but also aware of his environment (he notices Claire is looking into sperm donors). Where Amy expresses moral concern and outrage at what they are doing, Raffi is more concerned with the bottom line. He then tackles the project with his own unique, detached approach, but it’s also oriented into provoking Howard into an “emotional outburst.” He doesn’t like to be called “dead wood,” accused of turning beauty to ash, and is personally offended by Howard’s implications… but is also somewhat detached in his approach. His advice to Claire is both a little insulting and rational (she does not have to have a child herself, to mentor someone and change their life). His inferior Ni shows in a few profound insights and intellectual thoughts, but he shows no real belief that time will ever end (“You have time, Claire, all the time in the world”).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Raffi has an attitude right from the start – he initially tells Claire that he wants to go in to Howard with aggression and confront him for calling Time “old dead wood and tissue.” When she argues with him and tells him to find a softer method, Raffi still marches into Howard’s office and gets in his face. He’s blunt, and articulate, but also simply interested in doing his job well and getting paid – a lot. Raffi’s 7 wing gives him a streak of intellectualism, which he translates into wisdom in helping Harold deal with his loss. It also makes him angry at Harold for ignoring all the wonderful things Time has to offer – the adventures, the experiences. He wants to live life to the fullest, man! As a self-pres, he’s no-nonsense and interested in protecting his own best interests.