Amy is the most emotional member of the group, and the most concerned with doing the morally right thing; she doesn’t try and enforce her views on anyone else, but also refuses to go along with something she does not feel comfortable with, unless she believes it will have a positive impact for the greater good. Brigitte calls her “overly emotional,” but says “she always does the right thing.” Amy is free with understanding the inner emotions of other people and likes to get to the heart of things; she guides others toward treating each other better and building a sense of connectedness to the people they love. Amy has a lot of moral opinions and judgments throughout, based on Whit, Simon, and Claire’s behaviors and motives. She sees everything through a lens of emotional impact (“It’s not about the money, it was never about the money, I don’t want your money… I’ll do it, if you reconnect with your daughter”). She has a broader, more intuitive understanding of the situation than her fellow actors; she puts the pieces together, and senses the motives of each (one of them cares, the others are “hoping to cash out and get rich” off their friend’s mental breakdown). She also changes her mind about helping them a couple of times, she’s doing “several plays all at once,” and she believes in treasuring the smallest moments. She believes Love encompasses all of reality, it’s in the dark and the light, it motivates and permeates the fabric of the universe.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

What Howard doesn’t know is that Amy is the embodiment of love – she is love itself, woven through the fabric of the universe. She can be powerful, she can be subtly manipulative, she can tell Whit off for his making everything “sexual.” She knows her own mind, she stands up for what she believes… and yet, she goes along with this scheme (they think) because her friends convince her to do it, despite her moral scruples. And yet, her 1 wing shows up again and again – to ask them if what they are doing is for the right reasons, to shame them for trying to manipulate and profit off their friend. She has a strong sense of her own values and does not want to cross them, but also pushes others to be better people. She is charming, youthful, sincere, and does not want to help, but winds up doing it anyway.