Claire has very practical concerns and is most aware, out of everyone, of the differences between the old Howard. She finds and takes comfort in what is “familiar” to her (she takes Whit to a Christmas tree yard, and asks, “Do you smell that? Doesn’t it remind you of childhood?”), she handles all the details of their clients and often worries about the future (her inferior Ne in play) and opens herself up to abstract possibilities only when Whit proves how they can achieve tangible results. Unlike her coworkers, Claire cares most about Howard’s emotional state. She’s willing to fork out $60,000 if it will just “help him.” She sees him writing to the abstract concepts as “therapy.” Claire hates to see him falling apart, she expresses her guilt at deceiving him, and falls apart in the office when she sees what devastation their videos wreak on him. She has qualms about this plan, but goes along with it anyway to please her coworkers… and because she knows it’s a rational decision to make, which will keep them all employed in the fall-out of Howard’s behavior. She frets that she has lost track of time, that it has eluded her, and that she cannot now have children and the normal life she always thought she would have… one day. But she never reached for it, out of work responsibilities and habit. Time must teach her the abstract concept of “children do not have to come from you, only through you.” She focuses most on Howard’s physical needs (paying his rent, and leaving food outside his door).

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Claire has poured her entire life into this company, sacrificing her relationships and potential for children along the way, but deep down she’s seeking someone to love and who will love her back – through adoption, if necessary. Claire out of all of them is the most heartsick over what’s happening to Howard, constantly bringing him food, paying his rent, offering to pay the three actors out of her own pocket if it will just “help” him pull out of his intense depression. Her 1 wing also frets incessantly about whether they are doing the right thing, takes enormous pain in seeing Howard fall apart, and berates Whit for being so insensitive and ambitious when their friend needs help.