Scrooge is a man defined by his personal past, who becomes so entrenched in his own rut, he cannot move forward, and doesn’t even take his dead partner’s name off the door! Once the Ghost of Christmas Past takes him back there, Scrooge relives all his old memories and the emotions that go along with them, finally processing these events on an emotional level, in order to see how bitterness has made him solitary and miserable over the years. He finds it hard to adapt to Christmas, because he’s never known a happy or pleasurable one – only after seeing how others celebrate it, with festivities and good cheer, can Scrooge learn the true meaning of Christmas. He’s all about revenues. Bob persuades him to shut the doors on Christmas by using a logical argument (it’s a waste of expensive coal for the fire, since no one else will be open and no one will be frequenting the local shops anyway!). He’s a workaholic, who complains to his former boss about the “expense” of hosting a Christmas party every year. When engaged to Belle, Scrooge consistently puts her off, saying he wants to “make enough money to buy a decent home first.” He’s frank in his opinions and sometimes so logically detached as to be offensive (his statement about those who are going to die better do it, and decrease the surplus population!). Scrooge has a good heart buried under there somewhere! Alas, no one can much see it until the ghosts get done with him! Then he “overflows with good cheer!” Scrooge takes decades to process his feelings about Belle leaving him, only able to cry when faced with the memory. He goes from being a self-centered miser to the “kindest, most generous man who ever lived!” Imagination? Not so much. Scrooge even dismisses his own ghosts as being hallucinations from bad food. It’s only when the ghosts show him a vision of the future that warns him against his own downfall that he begins to open up to greater possibilities, and argues that no single vision of the future can be true; things can be changed and made right!

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Scrooge is the embodiment of the 5 – a man who hordes time, money, and resources, who has no concern for his fellow human beings, and who skimps on paying his employees a fair wage and even limits the amount of coal they’re allowed to put on the fire. He would rather freeze in the winter than pay more for heat. He insists on handing out eviction notices on Christmas Eve and expects his employees to come in a “half hour late” on Christmas, but work anyway. It’s only when they convince him that no one will want to do business on Christmas that he gripes about them picking his pocket one day a year, and lets them off work. Because of his miserliness, the Cratchett family live in abstract poverty and misery. But the story shows Scrooge facing his own sins, growing a heart, and integrating into a 7ish desire for fun, family, and frivolity, as he finds the “true meaning” of Christmas.