Miles has a warm and outgoing personality. He instantly makes friends with Iris and offers to help her get the eyelash out of her eye, then goes on to make friends with her friends at dinner. He exclaims about his love of musical scores in public, and asks his girlfriend to pay attention to the flutes. He stands in line for hours at FedEx to make sure she gets her Christmas present on time. And… when he sees her walking with another man outside the video store, Miles rushes out there to confront her with his feelings, then comes back and tells Iris everything that happened. He expresses his frustration at always “falling for the bad girl.” He uses humor to communicate, by pointing out the absurdities of life and making a joke out of it (“You and Arthur exercising together… I am sorry; I am trying not to picture that…”). Others’ emotional needs can get to him, and he seriously considers taking his girlfriend back when confronted by her tearful pleas for forgiveness. But he also ponders, at his low point, why he does the thing that always gets him into trouble. He can recognize musical scores by just a few notes, and specializes in being a composer. He has amassed a vast amount of knowledge about music, movie scores, and the people who created them, in the process becoming an expert in his chosen field. He is full of random movie factoids and information pertaining to old Hollywood, and appreciative of the classics. Miles confesses that he “knew she wasn’t good,” as pertains to his girlfriend, but he just keeps hoping he will hit upon the right one, sooner or later. He is idealistic and imaginative, eager to hang out with a bunch of stranger and hear their stories and make them laugh. He knows how to translate people and their personalities into music, and uses that to show Iris how much he thinks of her, by writing her a melody. He can be naïve and too trusting, assuming his girlfriend is filming in Nevada when in actuality, she was in Santa Monica all the time. When she calls him up to apologize, he rushes out to see her in consideration of giving her another chance, but then decides to come back to Iris, who has shown him what a sweet person she is.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Miles is a good-natured, funny, and outgoing man who can make a joke out of everything, but who finds it very, very hard to stay in his pain or disappointment for more than a few minute at a time. He keeps things light at all times, even after he finds out his girlfriend has cheated on him – after berating himself for trusting her too much, being too idealistic, and wanting to see the best in her, Miles hears Iris’ similar complaints and promptly decides to cheer her up – with Christmas dinner, some champagne, a celebration of “being alive,” and an old movie or two. He has a natural sense of his own goodness (he cheekily admits that being too good / nice “has always been my problem…”) and a self-deprecating sense of humor.