22 does not want to experience anything that she doesn’t understand and cannot control; she wants to know how things work, and why people feel and think the way they do, and what motivated Joe’s decisions, and she has a blunt way of remarking upon his life—she thinks it is “boring and useless.” When a girl wants to quit playing a musical instrument, rather than try to talk her out of it, 22 tells her she has no reason to play it, and that the public school system is rubbish (since she has had centuries to learn about these things and develop a highly cynical attitude toward everything on earth). She uses philosophical discussions at times to connect to people (engaging everyone in the barber shop with “deep thoughts” on a variety of subjects), but also references her own personal experiences a lot; she has tried “a bunch of times” to find her passion, and it has never worked, so it’s not going to this time, either. 22 is clearly in a loop, since she is convinced whatever awaits her on earth is “bad” and not something she wants to experience, so she avoids it altogether. Rather than embracing the teachings of her mentors, who are attempting to help her find her purpose in life (thus earning her badge to visit earth), she is fixedly determined to “stick to what I know… I am good staying in my routine.” This involves entering the zone and lobbing dirt balls at people so they fall out of the zone back on earth, hanging out in her underground hiding place, watching meditation gurus chase down lost souls and return them to their bodies, and being paralyzed with fears of change. Once cast into Joe’s body on earth, 22 is utterly overwhelmed with sensory overload—the loud blistering noises of New York City cause her to almost have a public meltdown; she goes running into the nearest stairwell to crouch and whimper, until Joe coaxes her out by appealing to her sensations… her ability now to smell and taste pizza. Little by little, 22 starts opening up – and she does so through engaging her inner sensory experiences, remarking on how things make her feel inside, the sensations she is experiencing, when she hears music that touches her soul, or she eats a bagel, or someone gives her a sucker to make her happy. 22 hordes these things as memory capsules, bringing home a pocket full of random things she has collected. She is also caught off guard by the strength of her emotional responses at times—she finds being touched by music interesting, and doesn’t realize the extent that her mentors’ giving up on her and calling her worthless has had on her psyche. 22 is suffering from tremendous self-doubt and unable to figure out what to do with her feelings, so she analyzes other people (remarking, insightfully, that someone in a barber shop is just picking on her to cover up his own insecurities) and hides away from the world in her little cave. But the more she personally experiences things and finds them pleasurable, the more willing she is to explore the idea that she can go down to earth, have a wide variety of experiences, and many different passions (she seems to love everything!), and be… fully human.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/so

22 wants nothing to do with actually living. 22 has spent “centuries” avoiding real life, avoiding leaving her comfort zone, and avoiding feeling ready to be someone. She has not found her “spark” because she has never overcome her self-doubt about being good enough, qualified enough, and fearless enough to get born. Instead, she has intellectualized about it, developed a negative, avoidant cynical attitude about engaging with reality, and done everything possible to block anyone’s efforts in helping her get ready. Once on earth, she is extremely overwhelmed with all the sights and sensations, and wants to go hide in a corner “until Joe’s body dies and she can go back to the great beyond.” She’s fearful about many things; even when she finally receives her badge, she’s scared to let go of Joe’s hand… because she doesn’t know what will happen next. She has internalized every negative thing anyone has ever said to her, and found herself wanting. Not good enough. Weird and “wrong” and unfit to join the land of the living. Different and special for being a problem. She does not want to be the same as anyone else or move on. 22 has to let go of those negative self-messages to find the courage to make that leap of faith toward her life.