Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

“Bad behavior must be nipped in the bud.”

Felicity King

Felicity prides herself on being organized and efficient. She isn’t afraid to criticize others, even her mother, when their standards are not up to her meticulous approval. She does not see this as problematic, merely stating the facts of the situation (her mother’s housework really isn’t the best). She wants to get the best grades and will work hard to ensure that she does. She runs an effective orphanage as an adult. She tries to rationalize most things as she processes them (her concern over a “first kiss” is more about technique than her feelings). She trusts previous experience and at times places too much emphasis on her desire for explicit instructions (“Oh, I wish someone would write a book on how to kiss!”). Felicity is comfortable in a routine and good with attending details. She spends most of her free time learning how to do housework, cleaning, and baking. Felicity will often refer to books as sources of trusted information (“It says in the guide that the right way to do this is…”). She is practical and focused on the present, both in her affections and in her decision to open an orphanage. She looks down on Sarah for her ‘fanciful’ ideas, but she enjoys daydreaming, rehearsing things in her head, and coming up with creative schemes with Sara to make money, including allowing one idea (overhearing a conversation and starting up an “ask” column) to spiral out of her control into a series of letters and responses. Felicity is highly intelligent, motivated, and good at school. She can be bossy, temperamental, and inconsiderate… but she mellows with age. When she is younger, Felicity tends to overreact emotionally, and is prone to self-centered outbursts. She has little interest in others’ feelings, and instead chooses to highlight and concern herself with her own. As she gets older, she becomes more considerate of others’ emotional needs. She places a lot of emphasis on doing things properly.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Felicity is proper, does things in the right way, never gets into trouble at school, and often descends into an arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude, especially as a child. She is forever trying to get Felix to behave, and prides herself on being better and more moral than other people. She sees other people as imperfect, and does not much self-introspect or consider herself to be flawed – so she works on fixing them and then herself. Her 2 wing makes her want to be helpful and useful to her mother, emphasizing all the nice things she does for her (and other people), and sometimes meddling in overt ways (such as when she tries to give a fellow classmate a makeover to stroke her own ego), but until she matures she does not genuinely mean it. Under stress, Felicity becomes hyper emotional, needy, and feels persecuted but as she grows up, she develops a handful of 7 traits (optimism about the future, and the ability to have fun), always held back by her duty mindset.