Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

“If more adults were deaf, there would be more honesty in children.”

Felix King

Felix has a defiant sense of independence that rears its head most as a child when he refuses to obey his sister, and instead does the opposite of whatever she tells him to do. Though his father wants him to take over the family farm, Felix has his own ideas about what he wants (to open a tea house) and pursues that, though he doesn’t really want to upset his father in the process. When Felicity refuses to let him eat dinner after he won’t do his chores, Felix goes out into the woods and eats berries instead. He is often concerned with his stomach, and filling it. He is opportunistic, and uses whatever situations arise to make the most of his ‘revenge’ schemes on his sister and cousins. A highly active boy, Felix is forever playing hockey, riding horses, rescuing Sarah out of trees, and tricking people to fall into the pig pen. Where Sarah is fascinated by the wonders contained in an old cedar chest (she says it’s more wonderful to imagine what’s inside than to know what it is), Felix just wants to know if there’s money or treasure inside… and then loses interest. He frequently rolls his eyes at her imaginative flights of fancy.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

A born contrarian, Felix rebels almost constantly against his sister’s authority, but is more submissive to his dad’s points of view. He can be fearful and anxious, expecting the worst when the local “witch” pretends to put a hex on his cat, then not wanting to go into the woods and convince her to remove it. Felix starts anxiously watching the cat for signs of not feeling sick, and her behaviors seem to confirm his worst suspicions that the cat is “doomed.” He can be argumentative, quarrelsome, mischievous, and good-natured. He makes fun of almost everything constantly, mocking his sister and her “prissy” ways and going out of his way to note the ridiculousness of others’ behaviors. But he can also be optimistic, prone to flights of fancy in his thinking, and eager to experience the good things life has to offer.