Rather than travel around the world and take risks like he wanted to, Alec took over running the farm when his father got sick, and built a family in Avonlea. Most of the time, he is content to work the farm, raise his children, and live a simple life, but whenever anyone who has had a more impressive life comes to visit, he feels a little disgruntled about having done so much out of “duty” and “never really lived.” Sensible, down to earth, and practical most of the time, Alec is also aware of others’ emotional needs and inclined to meet them. He often consoles his children, gives Sarah good advice in how to deal with Aunt Hetty, reminds his sister to be less harsh in how she speaks to others, and tries to mediate between his wife and his oldest sister. Alec finds it hard to move beyond past hurts and slights, and harbors a bit of resentment toward his brother for “abandoning them” and going around the world, and not properly parenting his son. Alec will go out of his way to care for his neighbors and their needs and is even kind to the local “witch” where his wife and son are suspicious. He doesn’t see the point in making a fuss about anything.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Alec is not a fan of hysterics in his household, and sometimes will ignore his wife entirely if she is being too upset. When she is especially needy, Alec will push her away and go outside to “do chores” by himself (and no, he doesn’t want her to come with him). He feels quite resentful at one point of another man’s adventures, and complains that he has never left the farm, just did what his father expected him to do, and take it over, run it, keep on keeping on… but in truth, Alec does not mind his life. He is comfortable in sameness, and in routine, and has a sense of duty and moral obligation that makes him a good father. But he can also be too permissive; his children are mean to each other and other kids at school, and often rude in his presence, but he does not over-correct them. Whenever Alec does force them to confront their bad behavior, he does so with tolerance and gentleness. He hates any kind of family uproar, but is quick to forgive Sarah when she causes one by seeing her side and the pain his daughter gave her in talking endlessly about her mother.