Janet is always getting into arguments with Rachel Lynde and Hetty King due to her emotional overreactions to their blunt criticisms. She is easily offended when others make comments about her or her children or fail to behave appropriately or consider her place in the “King” household. She is devoted to defending her family, attending to the needs of her children, and enabling them to be who they are meant to be. She makes primarily emotional decisions, some of which get her into trouble (taking on the cause of the Suffragettes and attempting to force others in town to share her views, becoming reckless with her new friend and staying out half the night ‘having fun,’ etc). At her best, she can be very warm and affirming and at her worst, she can be inconsiderate, irrational, prone to hysterics, and moody. It feels inhuman and unkind to Janet to remove her emotions from any of her decisions, but later on she often reflects and comes to understand why she felt what she did, or why someone acted in the manner they chose to act. She loves taking care of her family and does not like too much change all at once. Her enjoyment of speculating on the happenings of Avonlea, as well as experiencing new things, means Janet is not always content to be at home, locked into the same predictable routines. She is prone to being easily influenced and mislead when it comes to other people’s schemes and dreams for the future. She has a playful sense of humor, but is also prone to worrying about the things she cannot control or that might happen. When Felix goes off to war, she worries endlessly about him until he returns home.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Janet spends all of her time serving others, and is upset when they do not return her affections in kind, ignore the hours that went into making dinner, criticize her housekeeping skills, or fail to meet her need for approval, love, and admiration. She has a deep desire to appear successful to others, and be accepted in a wider social context – when she makes a friend who is more outgoing, flamboyant, and social than she is, Janet immediately starts mirroring her behavior – and becomes more reckless and impulsive. She can also be self-indulgent, playful, and even irresponsible at times. She swings into 8-ish aggression when defending her children, standing up for them and accusing Sara/Hetty/anyone who says anything bad about them of bad behavior. Her 3 wing makes her more extroverted in her behavior (throwing occasional snit fits) and more image-focused. She does not feel much of a desire to ‘behave’ herself.