Jasper is an eccentric shut-in inventor, who can fix just about anything that breaks, and who dabbles in a wide variety of hobbies and interests, from magic lanterns to photography to creating a conveyer built to improve their new canning factory. Many of Avonlea’s inhabitants scoff at his “strange ideas,” but he persists in trying them out anyway, and is sometimes successful and sometimes not. Sarah will take things to him for him to figure out for her, including an old clock that doesn’t work (and in the process of learning why, they discover upon its hidden secrets). He has a worldview built up of different philosophies and belief systems (some aspects of Christianity, mysticism, and science) and does not show much interest in his environment; before he marries Olivia, he lives in a constant state of chaos and keeps things in peculiar places, as a testament to his absent-mindedness. Jasper tells Olivia not to take criticism to heart, because sometimes the person has a point, but can also make decisions at times that he thinks are kind (breaking off their engagement because it reflects poorly on her, he thinks, without consulting her about it, causing Olivia to get hurt feelings).

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Jasper is analytical and knowledgeable, focusing more on his book learning and inventions than in interacting with the outside world until Sara pushes him toward her Aunt Olivia. He has lived life as a hermit, happily separated from other people, and avoids interacting with them, drawing any attention to himself, or being active among them if at all possible. He is intimated by the outside world, overwhelmed by too much noise and confusion, and would rather retreat into a quiet place and be alone. When faced with marriage, afraid he won’t know what to do or how to handle married life, Jasper runs away from proposing! He likes comfortable things around him, to ensure he always has enough alone time to tinker with his inventions. He can be friendly and warm, but also does not like to take risks. Under stress, he becomes more flamboyant and impulsive. His 6 wing makes him cautious, focused, warm, funny, and eager to associate with his own kind (his eccentric family).