Hetty feels a strong connection not only to the past, but also the present, in preserving traditions and ensuring the “old ways” are not forgotten. At times, she can take this to extremes (“that outhouse was good enough for my grandfather, it’s good enough for you!”) and be too rigid and unchanging in her desire to preserve sameness (she doesn’t like it when Olivia gets married and moves away). When her former childhood beau Romney Penhallow comes to Avonlea, Hetty not only remembers their old feud but tries to continue it, only to be caught up in reliving the emotions that first drew them together. Her interest in new things enables her to purchase a “milking machine” to step forward into the future; it also allows her to see that she must change in some things in order to keep Sara’s affections. Hetty is a woman of strict rules, who likes to have everything in order at all times, and this is all based on past precedent and “how we have always done things.” She especially does not like new teachers bringing in strange ideas. She knows how to keep control of a classroom full of children, by a “sparing the rod spoils the child” She is involved in many different committees and believes in plans of action and decisions made without emotional interference. She often accuses Janet of being far too emotional, and her sister of being someone whose whims lead all her decisions, emphasizing that what’s needed in this situation is a responsible, mature adult who can make sensible and rational choices. She is proud of the King family and does all she can to maintain their reputation and good name on the island. She can be stubborn, unchanging, unyielding, and persistent in insisting on having things done “her way.” Hetty holds a grudge against Rachel Lynde for years by giving her the silent treatment and refusing to have anything to do with her. She becomes snappish and irritable whenever she is upset (usually at the thought of losing the people she cares about most), but rarely … if ever … opens up about her feelings. It’s only when she has offended someone she truly cares about (Sarah, or Olivia) with her brisk dismissals that she feels bad about being blunt. She also has very poor Ne — she assumes Miss Stacie’s reason for for coming to the school district is that she intends to undermine Hetty, and she is completely wrong in the process. She frequently miscalculates situations and only becomes playful, whimsical, or idealistic under others’ influence — where she decides to throw caution to the wind and be uncharacteristically impulsive.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Hetty’s strictness does not sit well with Sara at first, since she can be focused so much on keeping her house flawless, the children in line, and ensuring no one does anything wrong, but over time she loosens her standards somewhat and, through Sara becomes more aware of her own playfulness, a sense of humor, and the ability to have fun. Hetty can be blunt and correcting – she’s focused on improving others, but not always in considering whether her own behavior is above reproach; she does come to introspect more if she is challenged, and can be harsh with herself as well as others. Her 9 wing causes her to cause conflict with her opinions  and then withdraw, become flustered and anxious, when others react with emotional hysterics. She really doesn’t like to have the house in an uproar. Under stress, she can become hysterical herself, withdrawing from people and feeling persecuted and misunderstood.