Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

“It is more than just your honor at stake.”

Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony has a rigid system he uses to judge whether or not young hopefuls are good candidates for his sister’s hand in marriage—he considers whether they have fortunes, are philanderers (rakes), how bad their gambling debts are, and if they have good breeding or poor. He has such impeccably high standards, Daphne fears no one will ever be good enough to pass his inspection. When he finds a man he prefers, because of his intelligence, fortune, and decent breeding, Anthony “informs” Daphne that she will marry him, with no regard for her personal preferences or her opinions. It’s not until she finds a more suitable match in Simon (or so her brother thinks, though he argues against this since Simon has a history as “a rake… whose intentions may not be honorable”) that Anthony releases his need to control all of her decisions and the “family welfare” and allows her some room to pursue her own happiness. Though he would really rather just make love to his mistress, Anthony also feels a sense of familial duty since he is the eldest and should provide for and look after the family. He makes rational provisions for them all, should anything happen to him in a duel he challenges another man to, reminding his brothers to rise to the occasion and do “right” by the family. He has a strict mindset of how things are done in society (arranged marriages by rank and merging bloodlines) and takes people’s past histories into account when passing judgment on them. He fears any slight upon his sisters will “ruin them all.” He also powerfully underestimates not only his feelings, but those of everyone else… he assumes he is not in love, that his dalliance with his mistress was just a fling, and that he can move on and “get over her.” Anthony soon realizes this is wrong, for his heart was more involved than he thought. And once he has his heart broken, he decides that he wants a traditional life after all… that he will court and marry a wife and perhaps even provide the family with heirs.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sx

Anthony is something of a hypocrite who doesn’t realize he is one—he spends his time sleeping with an actress, without ever legitimizing her (treating her as his mistress, out of an assumption that her low rank and sexual availability requires nothing more), but becomes fiendishly protective of his sisters’ virtues, in a perfectionist drive to find a man “good enough” for Daphne. His standards are so impossible, almost none of the men at court can meet them. He wants to reject Simon as a potential suitor, despite being his friend, because he knows Simon is a serial philanderer who is “never serious in his intentions.” When he thinks Simon has insulted Daphne’s honor, he demands they marry—and if not, he demands they fight a duel at dawn to avenge her honor. He can be invasive, judgmental, and inconsiderate, ignoring what Daphne wants in favor of setting up his own impossible standards for people to live up to, sacrificing his own desires (the woman he loves) to do his “duty” for the family, and always falling back upon how things appear to others, and his feeling like he “has” to serve the interests of his family, whether or not any of them like it.