Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

“I just know that any time I undertake a case, I’m apt to run into some kind of a trap.”

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew loves to solve mysteries both for her own excitement and as a personal challenge and because it enables her to help people out of messes. She notices everything, from a parked car in a side lane with a suspicious out-of-state license plate, to the color of a suspect’s hair (and that it might be a wig). She loves to engage physically with the environment, from scuba diving for evidence to saving a friend from a capsized boat to donning a disguise in order to infiltrate a cult that meets inside a darkened cavern. Numerous times, she saves the day by being creative in freeing herself from a locked room, breaking her bonds, or dashing outside after a mysterious figure, ring of blue fire, or any number of other perils, without much fear. But her focus is also on protecting and helping people in tangible ways, such as when she cooks and cleans for them, buys them groceries, or picks them up and delivers them into town so they can mail a letter or escape an abusive situation. Her passion and drive often keep things ‘going,’ as she excitedly tracks down clues, questions people, and dashes after suspects through department stores, up side streets, etc. She isn’t above occasional recklessness, either, such as flipping a U-Turn in her cute little corvette in order to flash her lights into a car that has been tailing her for miles so she can see the driver. And it’s a good thing she can think on her feet, too, because there’s always a perilous adventure awaiting her full of crocodiles, mudslides, escaped mountain lions, runaway horses, or any number of other threats!

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

“Oh,” Nancy often thinks, “I wonder if he/she needs help.” We first meet her when a child dashes into the street and is almost hit by a car. Nancy not only hastens to make sure the child is hurt, she carries her back to her home. Throughout other books, we find her taking cases just to help out people who need it, buying groceries for needy families, fixing a meal in the kitchen to comfort a distraught individual, going out of her way to take care of her dad, etc. She is always looking for someone to help, always attentive to their needs, and inclined to go the extra mile to save or support or comfort them. She will buy a new dress for a girl who needs to feel better about herself, drive someone out of her way “because I was going that way anyway,” and confront thieves, abductors, blackmailers, and villains of all kinds, out of a desire to set things right. She is principled, hard-working, dutiful, and conscientious.