Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

“We could pretend to form an attachment.”

Simon Basset

Simon is a source of frustration to Lady Danbury, since he has done none of the things Regency dukes are expected to do, such as find a wife, get married, and sire children to continue on the family line. Instead, he spends all of his time (when not occupied with business in the country) boxing and sleeping around. He rebuffs her attempts to get him to court various women, and out of annoyance and in a desire to make it stop, suggests to Daphne a most creative solution—that they might “pretend” to be in love so as to make “you more attractive to other men,” and make all the women think he is “taken.” To do this, he reasons, they must “appear” to be in love and sell it. So he coaches her on the physical things to do, to make it appear to others that they are together—little gestures and by staring deeply into one another’s eyes. He knows how to manipulate bystanders and convince them of his feelings, without truly understanding the depth of those feelings himself. He assumes himself not in love, and it takes him a long time to realize he feels differently—and even then, how he expresses this is through direct physical action—by grabbing and kissing Daphne. Their relationship is mostly physical—highly sexual, and it takes him time to learn to let down his defenses and become emotionally intimate as well. He has focused on business and obtaining his fortune, and figuring out schemes to benefit local farmers, more than he has spent time dealing with his father’s rejection or his real reasons for not wanting kids. As Daphne points out, Simon has chosen not to have children “out of spite,” and to keep a promise he made to his father just to hurt him. Simon, however, is sensible enough to realize that Daphne is right, and that he is avoiding the happiness that it would give both of them, and changes his mind.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Simon has two sides to his nature: a warm, likable man who can easily make Daphne’s little sister and brother absolutely adore the man who gives them a folded paper pony, and the man who aggressively attacks people and punches them in the face for insulting a woman’s honor or grabbing them. Much of the time, he is seeking to avoid any kind of attachment or responsibility. He doesn’t want to face up to the hurts and struggles in his life, or talk through his feelings, because that would make him vulnerable. He constantly distracts himself, prior to his marriage to Daphne, in physical pleasures and through having short-lived affairs. But push him too far, and he becomes angry, unapologetic about it, provocative in how he challenges other people, and will even beat someone to a pulp.. if they deserve it. Simon, however, also shows the 7’s line to one, in how desperately hard he tries to do the right thing under pressure. He does not want to marry Daphne, because he knows she wants children and he does not (Fe), but also capitulates, because to do otherwise would ruin her. He chases after her in the garden, and tells her not to be seen alone with him, since it might cause a scandal. He has a sense of his duty, and he will do it, when it becomes necessary (these are all components of the social 7, who is more mature and more willing to accept responsibility than the other 7 social variants).