Zoey doesn’t understand why she isn’t allowed to be herself, do what she wants (attend college in person, date, go to raves without being constantly monitored, enjoy dinners at local restaurants, and hang out with her friends), and go after whoever catches her eye, just because her father’s position in the White House endangers her and puts her in the public eye. That does not matter to her, and she doesn’t understand the risk to herself on a larger level until her father sits her down and explains to her that if she were ever kidnapped and held hostage, it would endanger his ability to think clearly (“It would compromise me, Zoey”). She persists in dating Charlie, at first behind her father’s back and then with his permission, because she wants to, it feels right to her, and she doesn’t need anyone’s approval in doing it. While Charlie is willing to take risks with her by being seen in public with her, she will sometimes back down out of a fear of him being hurt, even though it makes her angry to pretend anything other than what she feels. Zoey is quite curious and eager to try things, even drugs, and seeks out permissive partners who will provide her with privacy and stimulation.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Self-preservation 9w8s are pleasant, easygoing, prefer simple pleasures, and find comfort in the world through the satisfaction of their needs; they can use food or drink (sometimes addictions) to suppress their feelings, but can also be materialistic, protective of their privacy, and aggressive in defending their resources.

Zoey does not like all the attention her father’s lifestyle brings to her, since she simply wants to do her own thing, pursue her own pleasures, and be able to have a normal college experience. She would rather live away from the busy hubbub and constant scrutiny of Washington, and can be quite stubborn about ignoring her father when she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say about her lifestyle choices. When dating Jean-Paul, a man who can offer her seclusion from the national press, Zoey merges into him and quickly adopts his interests and lifestyle, even trying drugs experimentally because he is “into it.”