Charlie initially is afraid he did poorly at his interview for the White House staff, because he had no time to prepare and it was a spur of the moment thing—something he does not like at all. He is happiest when given time to collect information and then think about how he can use it to enrich the lives of everyone around him and please his boss. Unlike Zoey’s more militant desire to be true to herself, Charlie is concerned with what other people are thinking and feeling about him, and does not want to upset or alienate himself from his employer. He feels that people should adopt more tolerant views and accept their interracial relationship, but does not go about this in an aggressive manner that would easily offend people unnecessarily. He tolerates the president’s long-winded rambles and detail-filled “history lessons” with perplexed annoyance, but doesn’t really care about the historical impact of a fork, just about doing his job and going home once in awhile.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Charlie doesn’t like to do anything without thinking about it first. He can be anxious and insecure about whether he is doing his job well, fearful of condemnation from the president, and suspicious. Charlie’s attentiveness to watching those around the president sometimes comes in handy, when he senses a potential threat of any kind, either in a tangible way or on a more psychological level. He is more cautious than Zoey and doesn’t want to take unnecessary risks, reminding her that as the president’s daughter, she needs to keep herself safe and do nothing to damage her father’s reelection chances. He struggles to trust his own competence, and is eager for others to like him.