Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Leo is an efficient, no-nonsense man who is often forced to point out the facts to the president whenever he gets an idea in his head that would worsen their problems rather than ease them (why you cannot do this, since it would impact… our shipping trade, our financial foundation, our number of constituents in this state, etc). Leo will explain to other people that while their ideals are great, and something to work toward, it may take time, research, money, and slow progress to make things happen. Unlike the idealistic Josh, Toby, or Sam, Leo keeps both feet firmly on the ground. He handles the daily grind without complaint, and understands how to work from within the system to get things done. He has no interest in discussing anything but the facts, and often will devalue or dismiss his own feelings to focus on work. Leo is willing to ‘take a bullet’ for the team if it means taking responsibility for his previous addiction in public. He easily runs his office and his subordinates, but does not get ‘touchy feely’ with them. On occasion, he will open up and share something personal, but he likes to keep it professional around the office. A faithful man in his marriage, he is genuinely surprised when his wife wants a divorce due to him being neglectful in the marriage. Leo simply assumed because he did the most important thing (provide for her, help her raise their children, etc)… that’s all she needs. He failed to understand the need to give her the emotional closeness she required to keep the marital fires burning.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Loyalty for his boss and his friends is one of Leo’s most enduring qualities. He is quite content to be the support behind the presidency, rather than on its front lines. He is cautious, thoughtful, and meticulous in his assessment of situations. Leo often warns the president about making impulsive decisions or statements that could hurt them in the long run. He doesn’t like for the others to make grandiose statements they cannot back up with solid actions. Leo wants to think about things before committing to them, and is often a voice of logical reason. He has a gruff sense of humor, a tendency to spend much of his time alone, and feels touched and supported when his friends “have his back” in the scandal around his previous drinking habits.