Donna is an active helpmate to Josh long before he ever takes a romantic interest in her; she runs all his errands, takes care of all his office needs, tracks down the details of his reimbursements (and complains about it requiring 16 pages of ‘useless information’ just to find out how to get a work credit for a plane trip), and fields information for him. She can rattle off facts, statistics, and details, but rarely wants credit for her contributions and instead focuses on maintaining a friendly emotional dynamic around the office. His bluntness easily hurts her feelings, especially when he remarks that she has rotten luck with men and cannot see their true agenda; he says that this ‘second date’ is going to be the end of it, and sure enough, she finds out that is the case, which puts an end to all her hopes for an outside-the-office romance. Donna easily connects to other people and finds ways to reach compromises, even though she’s forced to run around the office fielding nonsensical questions and banter from Josh, who doesn’t take anything seriously or look after himself. Good thing, then, that she’s here to do it.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Donna devotes herself to being an efficient employee who is “on top” of everything her boss (Josh) needs. She works late, stays on weekends, and tracks down every detail of whatever his office requires, although at times she is also annoyed by this. In one memorable episode, she complains that the government wants to take her money and instead of reimbursing her so she can buy a VCR (and thus support a local business), they want to do something grandiose with it, the bottom line being, “I don’t get it back??” Her active search for love includes a string of disappointments and failed connections, while she harbors a secret fondness for Josh and conceals this by being someone he can talk to about his relationship problems. She will console him, give him advice, and try and help him fix things with the various women he tries to date. Happily, though, she and Josh do find their eventual way to each other in a romantic sense, which allows her at last to find happiness in giving him her time in more significant and loving ways.