Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

“I drink from the keg of glory. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.”

Josh Lyman

Josh often gets on board with someone else’s idea before it is fully realized and runs with it, sometimes to the determent of his own romantic intentions. Such as when he figures out (theorizes) that a senator is dating a woman he also likes for publicity, and then bluntly points that out to her, in an attempt to get her to dump him and date Josh instead. This, naturally, backfires because his emotional awareness of the situation was nil. The world is not changing fast enough for Josh, who is first recruited to the president’s team out of a depressive slump. Only when he saw Bartlet speak and recognized his greater potential did Josh leave the man he was working for and switch teams. He can be playful, argumentative, and idealistic, championing the rights of all men while clinging to his belief that they can create a “better world.” Though often stubborn about his political views, Josh can be argued into seeing another perspective on it, by the president, by Leo, or others, who remind him that these things take time; change does not happen overnight. He frequently shows insights into other people through recognizing their patterns of behavior, such as when he tells Donna her hopes for her date tonight are erroneous and she has “poor taste in men” (she comes back from her date disappointed and annoyed that he pegged it and her accurately). He’s an instinctive problem solver who asks tons of questions along the way, who is always pointing out other people’s logical fallacies (whether they want to hear them or not), and who argues from the perspective of wanting to do “greater good.” What are they here for if not to champion change for the masses, become more inclusive, give a voice to the voiceless, and use policies to make their constituents’ lives better? Unlike Sam, he isn’t stubborn and defensive about a few core values, but is more generalizing, moralizing, and even oblivious to how his bluntness can impact others. Josh doesn’t realize his own feelings for Donna for a long time, and doesn’t much care if he offends people or not, but can also charm them if need be. Josh neglects his home life in favor of workaholic behaviors, but does like a few things in his life to stay the same, such as his desire to spend a holiday drinking with his buddies and watching football, rather than being forced to spend time with the president.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Josh is ambitious, self-motivated, and self-confident. He can and will walk into any room and attempt to make a difference. Though he prefers to work on changing projects (anything to hold his Ne’s attention), he can see more tedious projects through. He can be posturing and defensive of his reputation when others attempt to malign it, emotionally motivated at times, and aware of what he needs to do and say to the press to get what he wants. He is a workaholic who spends half the night at the office and has no personal life. More than that, he wants to support and champion Bartlet. He cares that they are doing “greater good.” He likes to be liked and hopes to make a difference through his service.