Sam is the person you want writing your speeches, because at the last minute, he can deliver an impassioned text full of radical idealism (“Why should we not say we are going to cure cancer in ten years? Whether we do or not, we have given people something to aspire to!”). He focuses completely on changing the world and improving people’s lives through his communication skills and love of words, and often becomes impatient and frustrated when change takes too long, and he cannot see the results of his desired progress soon enough. He tends to see people more for their potential than accept them for who they are, such as his repeated attempts to find a female escort another line of work, both because of his attraction to her and his disdain for the lifestyle she has chosen to “put me through school.” Sam is so caught up in her potential, he doesn’t think seriously about how this could backfire on him and damage his reputation or that of the president, so he continues hanging out with her until a scandal results from it. He can be, in turns, supportive, loving, and deeply impassioned about things, and blunt, discouraging, and critical of other people, but he throws his entire heart and soul behind the presidential speeches, campaigns, policies, and the moral conduct of their office, in an effort to enact drastic change on a governmental and social level.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Sam is highly moralistic and disapproving of immoral behavior, but is also determined to do the right thing. He will lecture people on their attitudes which he finds offensive and push them to adopt a more tolerant or progressive viewpoint. When his involvement with an escort causes her pain and draws negative attention to her, Sam is apologetic and tries to shield her from any negative repercussions, but also finds it hard to simply accept that she is willing to prostitute herself to earn money for law school. He repeatedly tries to push her into a different line of work and give her other opportunities, before he’s faced to just accept her for who she is. Sam wants to do good in the world, and while he starts out hard-assed on some things, he is also willing to listen to and consider other people’s views and sometimes adopt them.