Much like his friend Sam, Tobey excels at coming up with speech content at the last minute, but he also doesn’t enjoy doing last-minute rewrites, since he wants thinks settled ahead of time. He complains that the president often “wastes Sam’s time” in “frivolous” activities, inferring that the president’s flights of fancy are detracting from the greater responsibilities and commitments Sam should be attending to at the present hour. But beneath his gruff bluntness and tendency to criticize people and their opinions as stupid, Toby really is an idealist with lots of ideas about how to change the world for the better. He and Sam like to brainstorm speeches together, and he can come up with ideas quite quickly on the fly, but Sam’s desire to continue refining them and quibble over the wording strikes him as irritating. Toby is angry that they as a team have not implemented as many changes as he wanted for their administration, and pushes them in the second half of their first term to “do” things. He doesn’t like things how they are, and isn’t content to wait for them to change. But Toby is also good at paying attention to the mundane details of his job, at not minding the daily grind, and doing research to supplement his wide knowledge base. He can often rattle off the facts to prove he did his homework. He has a universal sense of belonging to a greater whole, and wants to contribute to the moral welfare of society, which he channels into all of his pet humanitarian projects. Toby can become emotional if he feels angry enough about an injustice to lose his temper. Since he doesn’t care if people like or agree with him that much, he will aggressively moralize at them for not supporting social causes.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Toby is angry most of the time. He’s angry that society has not fixed its problems yet, even though the solutions are as plain as the nose on his face. He’s angry that they cannot do more to change the world. And he’s often simply angry with his coworkers for being less adequate than they could be. His idealism and drive to change things for the better makes him good at what he does, and also principled, driven, and focused on moral causes. He will sacrifice a holiday to do what he thinks is right and honor a fallen solider with a rosette on his grave. He will lose his temper and berate others for being closed-minded. Toby wants to do good, to help other people, and will even go out of his way to do so, if he feels strongly enough about their problem.