CJ can stand in front of a room full of journalists and run off a list of facts a mile long about whatever they are dealing with and the tangible impact it’s going to have on the cause/situation/environment. She is forever annoyed with people for having given her the wrong information and/or for making her look foolish in front of people, or get her stuff at the last minute, meaning she has no time to do detailed research and memorize it all. CJ focuses on a lot of relevant issues, such as education, pragmatic approaches to change, and the president’s likes and dislikes, while being down to earth in comparison to the intuitive influences in her office (Sam, Josh, Tobey). She wastes no time in pursuing pointless conversations or ideas, but wants to branch out creatively into useful ways to supplement their agenda. She often worries about the negative consequences of things that they say, fretting in particular about ‘unforeseen’ elements she cannot predict (how people will react to something, if she has no data to back up the conclusions). She is far more logical than the president, often pointing out the expected consequences of various things he has said and done, and spends a lot of time figuring out how to do “damage control.” But while she has a few specific things she cares a great deal about (one of them being public education), CJ is constantly grappling with her low emotional awareness. She doesn’t know how to balance dating men and seeing them in a professional capacity, such as in her relationship with Danny where she is too much “either or” (either all in or not at all, and setting up too many boundaries with him). She can get fussy under stress and feel insulted or persecuted (“why is everyone implying I’m stupid today?” “I’m not good in bed, I am GREAT in bed!”).

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

CJ cares very much about winning and about appearances; she has a strong sense of herself, but is also defensive about her skills – reacting badly if other people put down the college she attended, or dismiss her as being unskilled in some way. She often complains if a lack of information provided by her coworkers makes her look “foolish” in front of the journalists and does not want to have to humble herself in front of them, put out retractions, or ask for the morning’s briefing papers back because “Sam wants to polish it more.” She worries when considering dating Danny about how it will ‘look’ and how it will impact her job. She is also something of a workaholic, but she deeply cares about doing the ‘greater good’ through her efforts, giving back to the people, and improving their lives in some way through the governmental policies.