Mary shows this tendency in her romantic pursuit of her cousin Vincent. Though society deems their relationship inappropriate because they are first cousins, she does not care what other people or society thinks. She simply knows that she loves and wants him, and chases after him even when her father asks her to be sensible and realize it’s not an appropriate relationship. She does not need anyone to support this decision to be comfortable doing it, because it feels right to her. When her father asks her to give him up, Mary responds with a firm “no,” and continues seeing him. Mary simply wants to live and love in the present. She wastes no time in becoming physically involved with the man she is attracted to. She visits him at his home, helps him prepare pasta, and quickly moves into passionately kissing him. Becoming the chairwoman of her father’s charitable organization fulfills her, because it offers practical hands-on ways to help people and fill their immediate needs. She prefers to read things at a face value, and trust what her heart tells her rather than speculate on the unknown. When she asks her father if the rumors that he killed his brother are true, she is happy to believe him innocent based on his response.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

The first time Mary sees Vincent across the room, she approaches him, leans on the table beside him, and flirts with him, even keeping her name from him as a tactic to entice him into finding out who she is. She actively moves toward him, encouraging him to warm up to her, and works hard to keep their relationship ongoing and full of passion. She doesn’t like her father’s attempts to drive them apart, and refuses to do as he asks and walk away from the relationship. She makes her decisions from the heart, out of a desire to grow “closer” to others. She even tells her father that “all I want is for [this job] to bring me closer to you.” While openly supportive of others’ decisions, Mary is also stubborn in her pursuit of love. It’s what she wants, and she doesn’t see why she cannot have it. An ambitious and self-confident woman, Mary feels happiest when the family needs her to take over their charitable organization and run it efficiently, because she believes in doing ‘greater good’ in the world.