Like his father Sonny before him, Vincent is an opportunist who thinks on the fly and problem-solves without any moral hang-ups. He reacts instantly and aggressively to threats, including biting a man’s ear whose apology he refuses to accept, dressing up as a policeman and gunning down his adversary in the street, and saving Michael’s life from a helicopter assassination. Vincent notices the vibrations, hears the chopper coming, and leaps into action to drag his uncle out of the room before gunfire rips through the building. He uses his body as a shield to protect Michael, hustles him down to the covered parking lot, hot-wires a random car, and zips out of the place before the cops even arrive. When two armed men break into his apartment and threaten the life of his one-night stand, Vincent warns them not to try anything, and then shoots one through the head, prompting the other one to tell him everything he knows. While his girlfriend is sobbing hysterically, he remains calm and ‘deals with the problem.’ After Michael lands in the hospital with a diabetic stroke, Vincent takes decisive actions against their enemies and slaughters most of them, doing some of the dirty work himself. He also becomes physically involved with his cousin Mary, until Michael convinces him to ‘give her up’ for rational reasons (he suggests that if Vincent wants a job as the future Godfather, he should walk away).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

“He has a temper, like his father before him,” Michael remarks. It’s true. Vincent deals with people by blowing up situations instead of diffusing them. He allows his temper to get the better of him, when he should remain detached. His uncle warns him that he should never let anyone know what he is thinking, and that he should more carefully consider his options before he reacts—but that is a coward’s life, in Vincent’s way of thinking. He would rather grab the bull by the horns and put a bullet through its skull. But his fearlessness also allows him to remain unemotional in critical situations and often gives him the upper hand. He sees no reason to refrain from taking what he wants, and falling into bed with whomever he wants, and maintaining a fun-loving, flirtatious side to his personality in the process.