When Fredo got fired from working in the management of a casino, it’s because he was “banging cocktail waitresses two at a time.” Hoping to impress his brother in Vegas, Fredo invites a bunch of beautiful women, good music, and food to their hotel room, only to be disappointed when Michael orders them to leave. Insecure and jealous of his brother’s power in the family, Fredo gives his enemies information that allows them to make a failed assassination attempt against Michael. He then inadvertently reveals this connection to his brother through his nervousness while drinking and showing them around the city. Fredo takes them to an illegal fight and mentions a name he should not know. Having married a “bimbo” on a whim, Fredo finds it hard to control her drunken behavior, while also hating the fact that she humiliates him in public and earns the scorn of his family. He tries desperately to be useful, but often falls back into hedonistic pursuits in an attempt to alleviate his own emotional suffering. He does not handle a crisis well or know what to do to fix it—when his father is gunned down in the street, Fredo collapses on the sidewalk and bursts into tears. But he is also the only person to congratulate Michael on deciding to join the military, despite their father’s feelings on the matter (and he flinches when Sonny explodes about it).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Fredo is the sweetest member of the family and wants to keep everyone happy; when Michael says he’s going into the military, Fredo is eager to congratulate him—until their brother throws a tantrum and slaps his hand away. He’s beloved by everyone because he is so compassionate and gentle, but he also has no control over his wife, and feels deep anxiety when she makes a fool of him in public, especially when his brother tells him to go over there and “control her.” Fredo is rarely angry, but feels a deep resentment over being the older brother, who has to listen his younger one and do what he says. He resents Michael needing to take care of him, but only acts in his own best interests in passive-aggressive ways guaranteed to avoid any conflict. He wants to do what is right for his family, but isn’t sure how, and feels anxiety under stress when he knows Michael has found out the truth. He runs away rather than get with him into the car, knowing that he might never come out alive.