Nova is a delightfully scatterbrained fairy with big dreams and she intends to make them all a reality, from her wish to be a Fairy Godmother to her decision to run away with “Dreamy” (Grumpy) by buying a sailing boat that will take them around the world. Everything holds magic for her, from the idea of going on an adventure (she wishes she could go places and that her job as a fairy did not keep her “separate” from the world) to watching all the fireflies float around the hillside at dusk. She isn’t straightforward with expressing her feelings, but instead invites the dwarf she likes to come with her in a roundabout way by sort of, kind of, mentioning where she’ll be that evening. It crushes her when he tells her they need to be more realistic about their relationship, that fairies and dwarves do not belong together, and he needs to do his duty underground. As her alter-ego, Sister Astrid, in Storybrook, she is idealistic and ambitious, hopeful in her trust in other people and naïve in how she believes them, but also willing to forgive their mistakes and the lies they tell her to make her “feel better.” She just isn’t any good at details or paying attention, since she orders twelve dozen canisters of air instead of twelve canisters. Oops.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

For Nova, the world is an exciting, magical, beautiful place if you just look at it in the right way. She can get so caught up in thinking about how wonderful everything is, she sets a precious bag of fairy dust on a conveyer belt and almost dumps it into the incinerator. She wants to believe the best of everyone she meets and is hopeful that they are just as adventurous-minded as she is; it’s thrilling to think about sailing around the world on unceasing adventures, experiencing all the things she has never experienced as a fairy, with a man she just met twelve hours ago! It never occurs to her to care about the fact that it will cost her the beautiful wings she has, or that it might not work out, because her future is all full of hope, idealism, and big, big dreams!