Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

“Everyone in this town is right to be afraid of me.”

Ruby Lucas

Ruby is a high extroverted girl whom her grandmother accuses of wanting to “sleep her way up the coast.” When her friends seem downcast, she suggests they all go out for a “night on the town,” and uses it as an excuse to chat up some hot new guys she has just met (when one of her friends objects to the idea of “having fun,” Ruby says, “You’re not married yet!”). She proves an effective temporary assistant to Emma when Emma is searching for Katherine, able to track things through the woods, pay attention to miniscule details, and find David stretched out unconscious in the middle of nowhere. When the phone rings in the sheriff’s office, she answers it, adapts on the fly, and leaps at the chance for another job, before she realizes later that she really just cares about her Granny. She’s surprised and touched to learn her granny intends to pass the coffee shop down to her, since she assumed on a basic level that her granny doesn’t respect her. In flashbacks, Ruby mistakes her own wolf prints for those of her lover, and assumes wrongfully that he is the wolf with tragic consequences. She never thought to question her own eyes or perceptions, or her grandmother’s strange obsession with forcing her to wear a red hood, or assumes anyone is responsible for a murder in Storybrook other than herself, because the evidence points to her.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Ruby just wants to enjoy herself and feels confined by her small, boring life serving endlessly in her granny’s coffee shop, so she breaks away from it as often as she can and seeks distractions of all kinds—usually in the form of a handsome man. Outgoing and good-natured, sensitive but also dynamic, she likes to impress people, engage them in having a good time by taking them to bars, and does not like to limit herself in any way. She can be rebellious and defensive, feeling judged by her granny for the way she dresses and her impulsive nature. Whatever she wants, she goes and gets it, but she is also protective of her friends, confrontational when she needs to be, and proactive in making her own decisions. Ruby doesn’t always see much of a need to behave herself, since it’s more fun to follow her impulses.