Before she became the Evil Queen, all Regina wanted was to love and be loved. She was a warm, enthusiastic and compassionate young woman who saved Snow White and then convinced her to keep a special secret about the man she adored. She wanted to escape with him… but then her mother crushed his heart and Regina did not know the reason why until Snow accidentally told her that, out of a desire to help, she had told her the truth. Even though that was the moment Regina changed, and decided to pursue a course of vengeance and power, she put a smile on her face, and calmly told Snow it’s all right; she lied to her, to make her feel better, and then set out to destroy her happiness as her own had been destroyed—through killing her father, taking her kingdom, and trying to curse her with a poisoned apple. Again and again, she has fought insightful ways to hurt people and emotionally manipulate them in the fairy tale kingdom, from meeting Belle upon the road and polluting her in such a way that she knew would psychologically cause Rumple to reject her (therefore ruining his chance at love and happiness), to setting up numerous obstacles intended to torture Prince Charming and Snow White and keep them apart. She shows genuine insight right from the start, when she correctly intuits that her mother intended for her to save Snow White from a runaway horse, so that she could then meet the king (and become his queen). While Regina puts on a tough act in Storybrook, she shows the same manipulative influences and ability to reach people on a psychological level, in her leverage against her son’s psychologist, her “affair” with the Sheriff, her warning off of Mary Margaret from pursuing David (because it would “look bad” in the community), and in her treatment of her son; though he knows her identity, she continues to deny it, appeal to his emotions, and ply him with love, albeit in a controlling manner. It takes her many years to come to a change of heart and to want to do the right thing for other people, but she is quite skilled at contingency planning and reacting in the moment to the challenges Emma and Rumple set before her. Yet, whenever she reacts on a sensory level, she often miscalculates (her son eats the poisoned apple instead of Emma, for example).

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Regina confessed to her mother at the beginning of the story that she cares nothing for status and has no desire to be queen; she just wants “love.” Love is what gets her into trouble, since it’s also what blackens her heart when she sees the man she loves killed in front of her, without hope of his return. Though Regina continues to attempt to control other people through love (she adopts Henry as someone to love her, and is distraught when he does not; at his hospital bedside, she pleads with him to understand that whatever else she has done, she DOES love him), she also disintegrates into 8 behaviors the instant she knows Snow White got her lover killed. She wants revenge, and thinks the only way to do that, and to protect those she cares about, is to have “power.” She forcefully dominates everyone in Storybrook, intimidating them and making them afraid to cross her, but finds Emma a problem because Emma has no respect for her and isn’t afraid to cross her. She wants everyone to respect her persona as a dutiful mayor who always does the right thing, who cares about her friends, who has an impeccable reputation, and just is looking after people’s best interests. And she uses adaptability, charm, persuasion, and looking good to do it.