Mary Margaret is a warm, empathetic, and understanding woman who respects others’ choices even when she cannot agree with them, but who also measures things against her own personal moral standards. It bothers her enormously to be going behind Katherine’s back and seeing David, because she knows it’s wrong. She resists for as long as she can, but also cannot rationalize away her behavior, and turns up day after day at the diner to catch a glimpse of him, sometimes being flirtatious in her glances in public without thinking who might notice them. She initially refuses to see him, after thinking his wife might be pregnant, but when she finds out that is not true, starts spending time with him, because it “feels right.” She believes people who love each other should be together… but the deceit of their relationship, David lying to her about having told his wife the truth, and the sneaking around behind her back eventually force her to call off the relationship. It’s less about Katherine and her feelings, and more about Mary being upset that she was lied to. When Emma asks her if she is ready to talk about it, Mary says no. She just wants to lie on her bed and be quietly sad inside herself. But she is also active in the community, selling candles for the nuns (and going door to door when no one approaches their stall), enjoying the moments she spends with James on their little picnics, escaping from jail after she’s arrested for Katherine’s murder, etc. As Snow White, she is able to live with the idea of sending her daughter through a portal into another land after birth, because it was the right thing to do and saved her from the curse. She is also proactive in robbing from rich people to feed the poor, in setting up elaborate traps for them in the woods (which often lead to physical confrontations), to dealing with trolls, breaking into castles, and tracking down werewolves. Snow finds it impossible to get rid of her hurt feelings about Prince Charming, so she makes a deal with Rumple for a tonic that will take away her pain, without ever asking him about the side effects or wondering for what reason he wants a strand of her hair. Though she resists taking it, once she does, she becomes highly vindictive and heartless, chasing birds out of her home as “vermin,” and intending to murder the queen so that she can get back her castle (a tangible goal).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Mary is a highly emotional girl who cares what people think about her; she finds it unbearable when the citizens of the town label her a “tramp” and ostracize her for “seducing another woman’s husband.” Prior to this, she was a philanthropist and all-around helper, who would volunteer to do things if she saw anyone in need—she spends all her free time at the hospital taking care of and reading to coma patients, she helps the local nuns sell their candles at festival time, she nurtures children beneath her care and instills in them a sense of being loved, and she offers Emma a place to stay until she gets things “figured out.” (She also invites other people to ‘crash at the apartment’ when they have a need.) As Snow, she desperately craves and pursues love, but also wants to do the right thing by everyone she meets. Her sweet, generous, and feeling nature convince the Huntsman not to kill her. But she can also be feisty and confrontation with her adversaries in the woods. Mary struggles a great deal with the ‘moral right’ and wrong of whatever she does; she doesn’t want to deceive people, lie about how she feels, or feel like she is doing anything underhanded or “bad.”