Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Percy throws herself into whatever catches her interest, and loses herself in the moment, from joining a pro-Nazi movement in London and turning up in the middle of a protest to participate in a march that becomes a riot, to becoming the mistress of a high-ranking official in Berlin. She looks for ways to find men who will do things for her, through her ability to seduce them. Percy joins the Nazi movement to appeal to Spargo, and because it is a new and exciting thing to take part of, somewhere to “belong.” But when their Jewish maid sees her among the protesters, Percy feels ashamed of herself… just not ashamed enough to give up her pursuit of a pleasurable lifestyle as the mistress of a high-ranking Nazi official. She “moves up” from Spargo to him, then comes running home, with child when things get dangerous in Berlin for her. In her rebelliousness, Percy attaches herself to men who can provide for her, with no thought for other people in their life, even setting out to seduce her sister’s husband when he shows her kindness after her abortion. She enjoys sleeping with the chauffer and is excited at the idea that “someone might catch them,” because it would “really offend my sister” (and she considers that provocation desirable, because she cannot stand her). When she returns from Germany pregnant, Percy has the child aborted, and then refuses to let her brother-in-law call an ambulance since, as she reminds him, it is illegal and could get her thrown into prison. A true fashion plate, Percy at first doesn’t want the maid looking through her things because they are “shabby,” and then tosses a mink coat in the river to make a point when she leaves her lover. She can be self-absorbed and even cruel in her remarks to other people, since she says whatever is on her mind and enjoys mocking them for her amusement. Percy is not capable of dealing with her mistakes and chooses to kill herself, to avoid them.

Enneagram: 7wcp6 sp/sx

Percy wants to live a life of pleasure without any consequences, and to be provocative while she does it. She can also be headstrong, rebellious, and a brat. She trots off to Germany to have adventures, sleep around with men, drink to excess, and partake of pleasures in high society, fully confident that she will be perfectly safe while doing it… on the verge of a massive war. When Hallam turns up in Berlin and tries to convince her to come home, Percy laughs in his face—and kisses him before she waltzes up the street in her expensive shoes. Then she calls up a few months later begging for her sister’s husband to rescue her. She flits between being hedonistic, irresponsible, and refusing to admit to any of her mistakes (denying them and sloughing them off on other people, and skipping out on relationships when they “get boring,” and not wanting to stick around through the hard work it takes to make them work), and being aggressive and provocative in order to “get whatever she wants.” She has no shame in pursuing her own self-interests. Deep down, she’s afraid and looking for someone to rescue her. She admits around Hallam, she feels “safe” and that appeals to her.