Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

“It was a miracle. It required forever being seated together. It required an adjoining door and a near-death experience. What are you waiting for, a burning bush?”


Lindsay is almost a continual ‘stream of consciousness’ in terms of asking questions, pondering the deeper meaning of the moment they are in (whether that is to accuse Frank of chatting her up in the airport line merely to jump ahead of her in line, or demand to know if he thinks there is a ‘soul mate’ for everyone), and having random thoughts pop out of her at any given time—she even talks to herself in her hotel room, while she ponders Frank’s childhood trauma, and goes into a personal narrative about her father’s enormous guilt after lightly ‘tapping’ her on the back of the head once after she used up two boxes of Band-Aids on her doll as a child. She lives in the present, while simultaneously feeling sentimental about the past (not wanting to let go of her ex), and thinking about the future; she doesn’t like Frank’s rather pessimistic view of life, and tries to argue him into an alternative point of view (pushing for them to continue their ‘miserable’ relationship, saying how nice it is that they ‘bonded’ and are having these chats), to no avail. She is an active prosecutor, who often tells him that what he says is ‘libel’ and remains emotionally detached and analytical throughout their bitter exchanges.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

She is highly able to talk herself out of anything, but shares Frank’s cynicism about life… up to a point, and then her more idealistic, 7ish desire to see the bright side kicks in and she argues with him about entertaining positive possibilities rather than negative ones, seeing the nice things about their relationship, and for mercy’s sake, eating the chocolate and drinking the wine out of his hotel room’s mini bar (and can they please just enjoy the rest of the movie on the TV?). The witty, cynical, and industrious Lindsay can be something of a brat, whom her ex calls a ‘problem.’ She aggressively confronts Frank for moving ahead of her in line, and keeps up a quarrel with him that lasts for two days (interspersed with also having fun, demanding he carry her places to spare her shoes, arguments over who is going to sacrifice themselves to a mountain lion so the other one can survive, and talking all the way through impulsive sex in the middle of nowhere). She also sued her ex for breaking off their engagement, and argued that it gave her PTSD.”