Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

“If my son cannot marry a title, he shall have to inherit one.”

Regan Hamleigh

Regan makes whatever rational decision she must, to further her ambitions and those she holds for her son. She agrees to help Bishop Waleran murder the crown prince in exchange for advancement for her son, then promises to help him destroy the king’s enemies in exchange for a title. She understands that her son must either inherit a title or marry one, so she kills her husband so William can come into his property, then marries him off to a child-bride because she comes with a substantial dowry. She looks for ways to profit, by pursuing a claim upon their enemy’s estate and insisting they keep the quarry for themselves. She pretends that she will share it with Philip, and then has her son defend it with violence, so they alone can take home the money. Though an unscrupulous woman, she often has few new or novel ideas—Bishop Waleran provides her with good opportunities  and notions of how they can exploit situations to their mutual advantage (how to ruin the wool market at Kingsbury in such a manner that it will be forced to move onto her estate). She takes her intimate, perverse relationship with her son for granted so much, it blindsides her when he snaps and smothers/strangles her to death once he’s had enough of her belittling his intelligence.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/sp

Regan is “twice the man” her husband is, and even the Empress Maude knows it, since she includes Regan in her statement about “I will cut off all six of your balls” in threatening the two men and one woman before her, if they betray her. She thinks her husband is stupid, weak, and ineffectual; when he cannot cut a woman’s throat, she does it for him. She both berates and belittles and soothes and comforts her psychopath of a son, encouraging his bloodlust, violence, and hatred without remorse, and rolling her eyes at times at his desperate fear of hell. She bullies, intimidates, and does whatever necessary to maintain power, sacrificing her ring to the archbishop for a bribe to the king, and then subtly threatening him if he chooses to “spend it on himself.” In the end, her domination of her son is her undoing, when he snaps and no longer is willing to take her verbal abuse.