Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

“Mother’s always been afraid of fire. But the fires of hell are eternal.”

Sir William Hamleigh

Sir William will use any unscrupulous tactic to his own advantage, by exploiting situations and making the most of them, to further his wealth and lash out against his enemies. He attacks and kills innocent people in Kingsbury to stop the merchant fair which pays a trade fee to the cathedral—money that he thinks should be in his pocket, if he can force the merchants to move into their township. He’s willing to go along with the bishop’s tactics to arrest and frame Jack for murder, he keeps the monks out of the quarry despite their agreement before King Stephen to allow them the stones they need for the cathedral, and he treats his enemies ruthlessly. He’s known for rape, violence, and impulsive decisions. He tries to burn Aliena alive when he catches her in the fair. He attacks her when he finds her in her castle and assaults her. He beats his new wife mercilessly, because he needs sexual violence in order to feel like a man. He also turns on and kills his own mother when he’s had enough of her, dumping her into the river to hide the body. The archbishop says he never learned not to “kick his dogs,” meaning that his rough treatment of his wife causes her to betray him. He never thought beyond the moment, and has no purpose for his life beyond his general desire for wealth and power.

Enneagram: cp6w7 sp/sx

William is terrified that his evil actions are going to send him straight to hell, so he often begs for absolution and refuses to outright murder people without the bishop’s assurance that he is forgiven for his sins. Even though he killed his own mother, he rests secure in the absolution Waleran provided him—but the idea of her burning in hell forever so disturbs him, he begs the bishop to let him find a way to save her, whether that includes building a church or doing some nefarious deed. He is temperamental, easily intimidated, violent, and unpredictable, lashing out at people, making attempts to dominate them, but also surrendering his authority to his mother and fearful of the consequences of his actions.