Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

“It’s easier to kill someone if you’re standing beside them rather than against them. Look at me, Richard. Our enemies have made us strong.”


Aliena is well aware of how the world works, and is determined to use whatever resources she can to obtain the earlship for her brother, after their father loses it to Sir William. When they need money, she sees how she can buy wool off local farmers for less than they would receive at the wool market, and sell it for a profit (when they object to the lower price, she asks them if the two days of work they can do makes up for the “penny less” they will receive off her, since they will not need to take those two days off to attend the market). She takes whatever money she makes and sinks it into more wool, and soon becomes a successful entrepreneur in Kingsbury, who can afford to buy a horse and armor for her brother, so he can fight for King Stephen. Though traumatized by her rape, she tells her brother to pretend it never happened and speak not of it, because they need to survive and do what they can to get their ancestral land returned. She made her father a promise and intends to keep it. When her brother hesitates to kill a guard who intends to rouse Sir William and alert him to their escape, Aliena tells her brother to “cut off his head… this is something you must do.” She has a strong family mindset, but can also be somewhat naïve about the ways of the world and the bishop’s cunning and ruthlessness, until he has used them ill a few times. Though her heart is with Jack, she marries Alfred because Alfred can pay off her debts and keep her brother “horsed” for King Stephen. Aliena wants a traditional lifestyle, and to be Jack’s husband once Alfred abandons her, and is not content to have her husband forever working on the cathedral rather than spending time with her and their child.  

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Aliena impresses Jack with her “strong, calm presence.” She takes pride in the fact that the farmers and tradesmen are all intimidated by her, since it makes it easier for her to get a good price for her wool. She says that her assault has “made her strong” rather than destroyed her. She can be aggressive in turning down suitors (initially slapping Sir William for grabbing and kissing her), and smart in how she gets who has the power and how to get it herself. She doesn’t allow her feelings to get in the way of going after what she wants, which is her brother back in their father’s house. Overall, she is fierce and protective of others, but also warm and willing to help them where she can. She cuts a hard bargain and doesn’t like to take financial risks without assurance of payment, but also does not want Jack or Alfred to be upset with her.