Samuel assumes he can just ‘ride in’ to his daughter’s ranch after being gone thirty years and get her to forgive him for abandoning his wife and kids and going off to live with the Indians. He would not have held it against anyone, so he can’t fathom why Maggie is so angry at him for just following his wandering heart to other places, near and far. He lived all over, he had a second family among the natives, he forever was ‘chasing the hawk,’ because he doesn’t like to stay rooted in one place too long. He is quick to save them, to take on a dangerous mission, to notice small changes in the environment (Maggie’s illness, tracks in the snow, etc), and he can be at times reckless in his decisions (diving into a stream to save a girl, trying to buy back Lily in person, and even his initial desire to ‘up and leave’ his family, without any concern for their financial welfare or safety in his absence). He’s an excellent tracker and believes in things that Maggie claim are without proof… but he has experience with Brujo’s (Indian witches) that has taught him to guard against their magic and power, through prayers, meditation, and special blessed beads. He shows a philosophical side to his nature, in his desire to connect to symbols, his belief in the unknown, and his quick instincts (he figures out immediately that Maggie’s ‘husband’ isn’t her husband at all, and that ‘when company comes, you sleep in the barn, yes?’). Though he wants to connect to his granddaughter, he doesn’t see any point in lying to her, not telling her the brutal facts of the world, and doesn’t know how to really comfort her or make inroads with his angry, bitter daughter.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Samuel has spent his entire life avoiding responsibility and wandering through the wilds. He left his wife and kids to go exploring and never came back, because there was always one more trail to ride, one more mountain to climb, one more prairie to settle. When his daughter asks him why he did it, Samuel tells her a story about a man who followed a hawk and never came back, because “the hawk kept flying.” That encompasses his entire life story—he never wanted to settle down anywhere, just to roam. But he also uses playful humor and funny remarks in an attempt to connect to other people. He maintains a mostly positive attitude even when the situation remains dire. He tries to do the right thing, because a Brujo told him to, if he wants to live. His 8 wing is fierce, combative, and unafraid of most things. He can assert himself forcefully, or simply by telling people no (“do not touch my burro”). In the end, the only way Samuel knows to protect those he cares about is to sacrifice himself so they can escape. So he does.