Rosa arrives in England ready to meet her future husband and fall in love with anyone who appeals to her. She is fun-loving, pleasure-seeking, and adventurous, quick-witted and swift to fall in love with men’s appearances (and not their bank accounts; she would much rather fall in love than fall into an arranged marriage). Rosa quickly makes eyes at the Duke of Buckingham when he romances her and makes fine remarks about her and, against Lina’s advice, takes him as her lover and winds up pregnant. She considers aborting the child, but instead asks him to provide a home for her and to visit once in awhile—but she is surprised and concerned when he appears to do nothing on her behalf. She had assumed that they were in love and it meant something, without realizing she was just a mistress and a temporary pleasured distraction. Rather than continue on in England, she returns home to Spain to spare Catherine the embarrassment of a public scandal, even after she loses the child.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

Rosa wants life to be a magical, wonderful place where men keep their word and do right by the women they woo, where romance means something special and she is loved for who she is. She wants to fall in love and chafes at the idea of being forced into an arranged marriage, or not being able to choose a man for herself. Lina’s reminders that the prince and princess will arrange a husband for her fall upon deaf ears, and she chooses to follow her heart instead. Quick to flirt and charm others, Rosa is also naïve and idealistic. She is “sure” that the Duke will do right by her, but when he does nothing at first, she shows her 6 wing’s anxiety and fear about the future—worries for her reputation, anxiety about how she will survive, and sorrow over her broke heart and the loss of her unborn child.