Each twist and turn of the case brings another personal memory to Sophie’s mind of her grandfather and their experiences together. She tries to sort through these memories in order to be useful, but also has trouble ‘reimagining’ them in light of the new information—the idea that her grandfather was not who he said he was, and that he was training her up as a Guardian of a great secret is a struggle for her, because it goes in opposition to all she believed as a child. She needs Robert to help her string together the clues he left behind, and instantly starts talking about him and her as a “we.” We are going to finish this, we are going to find out what happened, we are in danger… Though she is quick thinking and swift to act at times (backing them through traffic to escape the police and almost getting them killed—but not quite—dashing between two lorries, snatching up a weapon, and knocking down the monk who is trying to hold them hostage), Sophie admits that without Robert, she would never figure out the clues on her own. She has no theories about what anything might mean, and instead looks to him for ideas, and is blown over by the truth of her identity, because it never occurred to her to believe it until Robert finds out the truth in the archives.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sp/so

Sophie does not trust herself to figure out her grandfather’s clues on her own and feels much more at ease when Robert is able to help her piece together what is happening and recognize the threat. She doubts that she is a Guardian of the Holy Grail and doesn’t think she can remember anything useful enough from her childhood to be of use, much less open the encoded sphere that contains the map. She will lash out against threats, but is also worried about what might happen next, and does not want to trust anyone in the police. She warns Robert to do the same, and then sneaks him away to a safe place where they can talk. In various situations, she employs humor to lighten the mood (wondering she can walk on water) and relies on others to think up solutions. She is somewhat private and introspective, but also willing to share whatever she deems useful from the bits and pieces of her childhood memories.