Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Gwen is very good with people and knows how to handle them; she manages to stop a bully’s behavior by subtly inferring that she could use what she knows about his intelligence levels against him to cause him trouble. She tolerantly and patiently listens to Peter’s inferior Fe ‘spewing of feelings’ even though she’s late for an interview that would get her into Oxford; instead of shutting him down, Gwen patiently and kindly tries to explain that she has somewhere to be, but also tries to help him work through his feelings. It’s hard for her to understand why, when she needs her boyfriend the most after her father’s death, that he would drop off the face of the earth. Rather than sit around and wait for an explanation, Gwen shows up on his doorstep to demand an explanation—and intuitively realizes when she sees him that her father must have told him to stay away from her, as his dying wish. Though emotionally supportive and wanting to help Peter fight all his battles (she sees them as a team), Gwen also doesn’t want to live out a constant “will he or will he not?” when it comes to their relationship. She preemptively breaks up with him in the second film, and then says for her mental health she needs to get away and move to London. But her impulsive emotional decisions come with a cost—she is often not aware of her own personal health or safety, and doesn’t stop to question her desire to act immediately. This tragically leads to her death, because she insisted on being somewhere to support and help Peter stop a villain and perished. A brilliant, intuitive girl, Gwen instinctively understands people and trusts her hunches about them. As a scientist and inventor-in-training, she spends a lot of her time as a tour guide at the scientific laboratory where she interns, since she can both be kind to the people who come for a tour and keep them in line. She sees the potential in Peter, and nudges him in that direction, but can be impulsive and reckless (attacking a giant lizard with a chair, rushing headlong into danger, and thinking her father’s demands they stay apart is unreasonable, even though it would keep her safe).

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Gwen is forever doing whatever she can to help Peter out, whether that’s to confront a bully on his behalf before he gains his powers or to rush into danger in the second film, out of a fierce determination that she IS doing this, she IS going to help him start up the power grid, and HOW DARE YOU try to prevent me from doing it! She wants to be useful and loved for who she is, but also expects him to ‘be there’ for her in return. His absence in her time of grief angers and hurts her, because she expected emotional support. Though warm, affirming, and kind, she can also be stubborn, determined, and confrontational whenever she moves toward her line to 8. Gwen likes to be the center of attention and has total confidence in her own intelligence, her worth as a researcher and scientist, and is hopeful and ambitious about attending school abroad. She has set that as a goal and is determined to get it.