Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

“Every day I wake up knowing that the more people I try to save, the more enemies I will make.”

– Peter Parker

Peter figures out things as he goes, utilizing his incredible mathematical brain (he solves a difficult equation for another scientist, enabling him to find the correct formula to help mice re-grow their lost limbs) and his reflexes to test out his abilities as Spider-Man and develop his moves. Once he has realized what he can do, he promptly goes out to an abandoned warehouse and does more and more dangerous stunts, getting so immersed and preoccupied in what he is doing that he fails to remember to pick up his Aunt May at 9 o’clock like he promised his uncle. One way he tests his web casting is to leap off a twenty-story building and improvise on the way down. Peter spends a lot of time throughout the first film creating gadgets to help him with his secret identity, trying out different masks, figuring out how to utilize his spider-senses, and engaging directly with street thugs. Though no one will listen to him, Peter insists that a doctor at the local technology lab is the man behind the giant mutant lizard, he believes firmly that they are one and the same, and tries to convince Gwen’s father that he has a diabolical plan that could endanger people. He’s right, but no one listened to him. He spends a short amount of time at school becoming a bully with his newfound tactics, until it lands him in the principle’s office and earns him the disapproval of the man he most cares about. Peter’s sullen choice not to halt a mugging winds up killing a man he cares about, launching him into an emotional period in his life in which he seeks revenge. Though he frequently makes an ass out of himself in front of Gwen Stacy, Peter still manages to attract her as his girlfriend, and briefly tries to stay away from her per her father’s dying wishes (but at the end of the first film, he implies that promises are meant to be broken… and he doesn’t intend to keep this promise). Peter, however, feels wracked with guilt for not keeping his word, and this makes him yo-yo between seeing her and being absent in her life, until she breaks up with him. He is quite poor at handling her emotions, and oblivious to the inappropriate timing of venting his own, when he tracks her down ahead of her Oxford exam and spews his feelings all over her. He gets a kick out of mocking and taunting the intelligence level of the street thugs he harasses on a regular basis.

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/so

Peter starts out as a science geek without a social life, whom no one pays much attention to, but who will bravely take on a bully if he deems it necessary. He spends much of his time at home or working on his skateboarding skills, until he decides to undertake the cause of justice and deal with crime in his own city. He’s detached, logical, and socially awkward. Rather than explain to Gwen his reasons for staying away from her after her father’s funeral, he just avoids her—causing her to get upset at his abandonment at the hour she most needs him. His 4 wing can be wrathful, childish, and self-absorbed. He gets so caught up in his own “stuff” that he neglects his aunt and uncle’s welfare. He refuses to help people unless he’s in a good frame of mind to do so. He broods intensely after his uncle’s death and blames himself, causing him to pull away from everyone who cares about him. He feels different and alienated, but also smarter than everyone else.