Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Mark has come all the way to Capri to clear his name after being accused of a crime he did not commit. He methodically takes after the man he believes has stolen the jewels and intends to implicate him in the theft and recover them, so he can restore his reputation at his London bank. He doesn’t want Nicky mixed up in his business, and often uses aggressive tactics to attempt to send her home, including bossing her around, ordering her to get on busses, and trying to leave her behind in his escape attempts. When she offers to try and dig a bullet out of his arm, Mark tells her to leave it alone, since he has no interest in being ‘operated on’ by an amateur. He finds her frustrating because she won’t capitulate to his attempts to control her (and the situation), but still he tries… and is quite blunt and authoritative in how he manages his affairs. He has methodically pieced together the clues, he notices things in his environment, and he forms hunches off them, like who the thief intends to sell the jewels to and why he spends so much time out in the bay. It’s not sunken treasure he’s after, and there are no sharks (unlike he warns off the tourists with), so he must be keeping the jewels out there somewhere. Though quick to leap into action, Mark is often out of his depth in new situations—he finds it impossible to leap up the windmill to help rescue Nicky, and he’s bested in a careening boat when it slams into the rocks and spills him into the sea.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Mark hates that the theft has ruined his reputation and made him an escapee from the law, so he’s traveled a great many miles to restore his reputation and put it to rights. He can be authoritative and bossy, but also moralistic and disapproving of Nicky’s refusal to listen to him. He knows what he wants and intends to get it, through legal channels if possible. Rather than revenge, he wants justice—and doesn’t want an innocent girl and her aunt caught up in the middle of a dangerous situation. So he tries to thwart her attempts to help him, without success. He can be quite warm, personable, and charming when he’s not stressed about near death experiences, but he also tends to assume he knows what is best for other people, and thinks he is ‘helping them’ by asserting himself over them.