Nicky thinks by making a simple appeal to another woman’s emotions she can get her to change her mind about her criminal activities, if she just ‘explains’ how much the theft of the necklace has ruined her boyfriend’s life. She tends to over-explain herself and seek others’ approval, asking her aunt how she could appear more ‘mature’ (but not too old), striving to help Mark (and demanding answers to her many questions about his activities and why he refuses to go to the police). She is somewhat too trusting and naïve, but also suspicious when she directly catches people doing things, like snooping around in her room and giving her lame excuses. Nicky has never experienced much in her life, and so doesn’t know how to handle new situations when she is thrust into them. She’s awkward and falls back on her previous experiences, laughingly doing ‘the twist’ at a Greek wedding, referencing people she has known, and focusing continually on her emotions. After Mark tells her he was framed for stealing jewels, she immediately turns the conversation back to the girl he had a date with that evening and demands to know how beautiful she was (in order to compare herself). Nicky is most curious about people and their motivations, but fails to ask the right questions or judge her actions as dangerous, because she’s always allowing her emotional response to dictate all her decisions—from jumping out of a hearse into a crowd to pursue her boyfriend to racing out to a yacht to plead with a potential criminal to let her boyfriend off the hook.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Everything in Nicky’s life pertains to her desire to fall in love, be important to Mark, and be needed. She goes out of her way to help him, tend his wounds, support him, champion him, and plead for a woman to refuse to purchase stolen jewels so he can regain his reputation and get his life back, all in the hope of earning his approval and affection. She wishes she were more desirable and beautiful, and longs for Mark to feel about her how she feels about him. She can be emotional, impulsive, jealous of potential competition, and self-confident in her pursuit of what she wants. Nicky can even be deceitful at times, if it serves her purpose (and it keeps her alive).