Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

“When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s good to you.”

– Mama Morton

Mama at first glance seems like a generous benefactor to the women in her cell block, but in reality she lives on a bartering system where people pay her for favors. She will call them a good attorney for $50 or $100 bucks. She will use her resources and friends to get them a gig once they get out of jail, but it’s gonna cost them. She does nothing for free, no matter how cold Roxie complains about the cells being, and no matter how much she hints about needing extra blankets. You either pay for it, or you don’t get it. Mama works within a corrupt system and knows how to exploit it to her advantage. She has built up a vast assortment of “people she knows” who can help the girls out, if she chooses to pick up the phone on their behalf. Roxie impresses her, with how successfully she starts manipulating the system once she gets the hang of it – appealing to reporters, faking a pregnancy to get herself back into the press, even modeling the cutest little haircut that Mama cannot help emulating herself. And why not? It’s trendy and fashionable and a way to change things up, right?

Enneagram:  3w2 so/sp

Mama puts most of the emphasis on her 2 wing, in her “generous” nature and expectation of getting something in return for her favors, but she is deep down an ambitious, hard-working woman who knows how to make the system work for her. She puts on an act of caring about her girls, when really she is just exploiting them for hundreds of dollars. She will do whatever they pay her to do, which includes planting false evidence that Billy thinks might help them in their trial.